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TF2, L4D2

2010-02-20 10:19:04 by Dman-Animorie

Alright. I've been absolutely addicted to L4D2 and TF2. So, if anyone wants to play along and entertain me as well as be entertained be sure to add me as a friend or join any of my games on Steam.
The name might be obvious.

Alright, so I'm here (or have been here for the past couple months) In the great land of Japan. I've been too busy working/raving/fucking/lkkjesiojw to make any posts here and I'll actually try to make posts as well as...leave the beast known as lazy to draw something. Until then... bare with me.

9 days.

2009-07-22 00:05:23 by Dman-Animorie

I'm off in 9 days to the great land of Japan. When I come back in possibly 4 years, I'll begin work on new projects!

Maybe...I'll think about it.

Bye bye!